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Partner with us to focus on what you do best, and say goodbye to the headaches — love your firm again!
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You didn’t start your firm to only spend 70% of the time solving problems.

Most CPA firm owners spend at least 30% of their time on the minutiae of "running" the firm instead of consulting with clients and completing projects.
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Get the most out of your firm.

The best part of owning your own firm is the freedom that comes with it, but time and again we hear stories of CPAs getting burned out from the ‘business’ – and unable to focus on what they do best and love most.
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Focus on your superpower.

Remove any distractions (HR, marketing, firm administration, or even day-to-day duties).

Get bench and client support.

Instead of hiring subject matter specialists, take advantage of the resources that other firms have that are underutilized.

Increase firm worth and wealth.

Eliminating redundancies increases earnings, skills, and company ratio.
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Our team has completed more than 7+ Partnerships in the CPA space and looking for more partners.

Partnership options
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Sell and retire to move on to next chapter of your life
Fold into the practice to join together and increase market share
Location based partnerships to leverage resources and reduce expenses
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Success in 3 easy steps

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Have a Call

Setup a call with one of our Owners to tell us about your firm and your priorities, plans and goals.
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Fold in with team

Once you are in alignment with our firm (regardless of which structure you ultimately choose), you will be able to immediately start to leverage our network and team and solutions to make you more money, with less time requirements.
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Increase firm value

Learn more about how partnering with us can help scale up your firm, reduce your overhead and increase your profits.
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Stop working overtime and stressing over the firm. Join a winning team to help you scale up, provide more value, make more money and work less. Every day.

Get back to where it used to be exciting to work in your firm and to not just “own your job”. Through partnering up with us, you will soon find you have more time on your hands as you are able to confidently leverage the resources we have to allow you to focus on what you do best.